Despite all the refined and super good taste , uber chic designed and named and wonderful Florists we know…(I know ) especially in Belgium, despite th 101 neo florists (ahem flower arrangers) with cult status amongst followers of the personality arranger ..’if I say I am a florist I am one ,’ flood worldwide, a new group of flower arrangers who are beyond compare at digital and iphoto magnificence plus the smart little flower schools and flower arrangers blooming with classes in UK, in London,USA NYC and LA , AND the floods of Facebook florists with the floral porn out there. it is a gem to see good things being done in the Antipodes … with our history of flower arranging and gardening grannies, mothers, aunts, church ladies, in our pysche , its normal for Australian and NZ arrangers to follow through, using flora and botanicals from home, forgaed , from all around. ….This is a wonderful exhuberant bunch of a bouquet far from traditional and cool classic from Europe and its singing with joy….. songs of just made , spontaneous , made as a gift and absolutley in step with a NZ beach or country wedding .



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