All about Soren Van Laer, Belgiums entry in European Junior Floristry ChampionshipI’m 21 years old. I was born in Bornem, Belgium. I have been fascinated by nature since I was a child. I studied agriculture at STOAS in the Netherlands, my mentors are Greet Verheyden and Geert Pattyn. I’m a young talent from Fleur. I won several competitions in the last few years: Fleurcup Jong Talent Chandelier 2010: 1 price Selection Worldskills 2011: 3 price Fleurcup Jong Talent Chandelier 2011: 1 price San Remo Italy 2012 Bouquet: 1 price Euroskills Spa Francorchamps 2012 team competition with Charlotte Barthomomé: Gold Medal Belgian champion juniors 2012-2013 Selection Worldskills 2012:1 price…(substitute price for prize .) Thanks Florint for the update.



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